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Triple Aspect

Spiritism is:

A Science , because it proves and studies in a rational way the phenomenon caused by spirits, which are no more than   natural facts, since what is popularly called supernatural, fantastic and mysterious do not exist.   Therefore it is a science of investigation. It is a philosophy because it provides ethical guidelines for behavioural conduct. It is religious because it directs us back to God, and psychological because it essentially motivates us to love.

However, it is not an institutionalised religion within a clerical structure. In this sense it is extremely different from traditional religions, since there are no religious leaders or idols. It does not adopt formal cults or rituals.   It also does not involve the adoration or use of objects or symbols of any kind.

The Spiritist Doctrine contains a set of teachings dictated by Superior Spirits and codified by Allan Kardec in a work known as The Codification , which is comprised of the following books:

O Livro dos Espíritos(1857—1860)

This book presents the Spirits’ answers regarding the spiritist philosophy. It contains 4 parts:

• Book one or First part: The First Cause

• Book two or Second part: The Spirit World

• Book three or Third part: Ethical Laws

• Book Four or Fourth part: Hopes and Consolations

The Mediums Book (1861)

This book looks at the communication/interchange between the spirits and mankind; it unravels superstition; guides the serious practice of mediumship, which is an organic inborn faculty to all human beings.

The Gospel according to Spiritism (1864)

This book demonstrates the relationship between Spiritism and the teachings of Jesus Christ.   His teachings are the guidance for the study and practice of the Spiritist Doctrine.

Heaven and Hell (1865)

This book contains statements from spirits who during life held a variety of social positions.   Their statements contain their impression of the spiritual world and understanding of the consequences of their actions.

The Genesis (1868)

It contains the spiritist perspective on the formation and evolution of Earth, of all living organisms and other elements of nature.

Furthermore, the Spiritist Magazine Journal of Psychological Studies , which consist of 12 volumes,   edited by Allan Kardec, also contains all the fundamental principles of Spiritism.

Aware of our responsibility as workers of the last hour, we are trying our best in order to work for the construction of a regenerated world, where we will live as brothers and sisters, under the rules of a Universal fraternity, respecting and loving each other.


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