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Our Vision

In the Age of Spirit, we work for a more humane, virtuous world. We offer a safe, supportive, inclusive environment to analyze existential issues, promoting spiritual evolution. By living together, working and sharing experiences, we promote the possibilities of developing new values, such as understanding, tolerance, fraternity, solidarity and Goodness.


Inspiring lives

We are a Spiritist Society, philanthropic organization, based in London-UK. We approach spirituality, philosophy, psychology, science through Spiritism, considering reincarnation, the immortality of the soul and the Universal Laws. We focus on self-empowerment, spiritual growth of each being, stimulating internal, personal changes, benefiting the family, society and Life.

Our activities

The Journal of Psychological Studies


The Creighton Centre
378 Lillie Road

Email: spiritistpsychologicalsoc@gmail.com

Phone: 07784 840671


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