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Interactive Study in Portuguese

Self-knowledge is vital for the integral health.  Find out more about yourself, studying the Psychological Series of the Spiritual Benefactor Joanna de Ângelis, through the automatic writing of Divaldo Pereira Franco.

Book :

Jesus e Atualidade (Jesus at the Present Time)

Synthesis : It deals with the teachings of Jesus in our time.

Book :

Homem Integral (The Integral Man)

Synthesis : The Benefactor Joanna de Angelis makes a bridge between Spiritism and Transpersonal Psychology. It is a study of human conflicts in the Light of Jung and Kardec..

Book :

Plenitude (Plenitude)

Synthesis : The Spiritual Author makes a deep psychological analysis of the aspects of the suffering, proposing the spiritist solution, inviting us towards self knowledge…

Book :

Momentos de Saúde (Moments of Health)/p>

Synthesis : Jesus, in all His Gospel, exalts the moral and emotional harmony of the creature towards Life, as the essential factor for its salvation – the state of integral health….

Book :

O Ser Consciente (The Conscious Being)

Synthesis : The Spiritual Benefactor, Joanna de Angelis, invites us to travel from the unconscious to the conscious level…

Book :

Autodescobrimento, Uma Busca Interior (Self Discovery (An Inner Search))

Synthesis : The Spiritual Instructor analyzes the real being, the conflicts, unconscious and the subconscious mind, the inner journey, the conflicts of behaviour, the panic, the bitterness…

Book :

Desperta e Seja Feliz (Awake and be Happy)

Synthesis : Joanna de Angelis, the Spiritual Benefactor, considers 30 challenging questions, that frequently trouble people, inviting us to self knowledge, and to the spiritual values in life…

Book :

Vida: Desafios e Soluções (Life: Challenges & Solutions)

Synthesis : The Messenger of Immortality, Joanna de Angelis, offers (…) studies of the human problems, to the light of the Spiritist Psychology with the subsidies of transpersonal Psychology, in order to alleviate the problems and difficulties of the corporal existence…

Book :

Amor, Imbatível Amor (Love, unbeatable Love)

Synthesis : The Spiritual Benefactor, Joanna de Angelis approaches subjects of deep interest to human beings. The love under diverse perspectives, since the view point of Reich with his proposal…

Book :

O Despertar do Espírito (The Wakening of the Spirit)

Synthesis : The Spiritual Benefactor, analyzes and presents solutions for many psychological disturbances of the present time, the noble Benefactor guides the reader to find, psychic, emotional and spiritual health…

Book :

Jesus e o Evangelho à Luz da Psicologia Profunda (Jesus and the Gospel… )

Synthesis : The Spirit Joanna de Ângelis makes a study to in the light of the profound psychology on the Life and the Message of Jesus. In a careful analysis She presents Jesus as the perfect identity with the two psychological contents of animus and anima, which made Him the ideal and model Being for Humanity…

Book :

Triunfo Pessoal (Personal Triumph)/p>

Synthesis : The Spiritual Benefactor, Joanna de Angelis, concentrates Herself in the notable contribution of Jung and introduces the thoughts of experienced psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, biologists, in order to demonstrate that in the root of all and any upheaval, affliction, disease or suffering, is the eternal Spirit…

Book :

Conflitos Existenciais (Existential Conflicts)

Synthesis : In this book, the Spirit Joanna de Ângelis presents us with a summary of the various behavioural conflicts that present themselves as tests of resistance for each individual human being, in light of psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry, however, over the Prism of the Spiritist Doctrine. Reflecting on fear, rage, laziness, jealousy, violence, love, death, the physiological escapes and many other conflicts are part of this work, offered by the Superior Spirituality…

Book :

Encontro com a Paz e a Saúde (Meeting with Peace and with Health)

Synthesis : Joanna de Ângelis comments on subjects of major interest and repercussion such as; general and social, existential crises, the lack of love, machismo, feminism, litigious and harmonious separations, happiness, sexuality, consciousness and various others, registering her wise orientations and advices to the many which may be experiencing moments of conflicts and distress in life…

Book :

Em Busca da Verdade (Meaning In Search of the Truth)

Synthesis : Joanna de Ângelis give us in Em Busca da Verdade, another extraordinary Work with deep lessons that lead us via secure routes, to reach psychological maturity – which is so much needed – in order to liberate our Self or Spirit from the dense layers that hinders its long journey in the difficult evolutionary course. A Transpersonal Psychology master, Joanna enters with easiness and magnificence in the ego-self relations meanders, clarifying, with objectivity, important concepts such as psyche, self-hood, shadow, individuation and others. The spiritual author interprets, further, in a masterly way, the thought of the eminent founder of the Analytic Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, discoursing about the necessity of the biopsychic equilibrium of man, in order to arrive in a state of well-being and peace…

Book :

Psicologia da Gratidão (Psychology of Gratitude)

Synthesis : The psychology of gratitude becomes an effective tool in the ego-self axis, it must be experienced in all moments of the corporeal existence as a security path to the conquest of its reality. Gratitude is the offspring of psychological maturity and enriches with peace and joy all those who cultivate it…


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