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The Objects of our Society are the advancement of religiosity based on the Spiritist Codification by studying the principles of Spiritism as a science, philosophy and moral consequences, including its psychological application in daily life, the holding of meetings for public worship and spiritual instruction and education, and the practice of charitable activities such as spiritual healing, spiritual counselling. Also engaging in the community, by supporting local social projects as Refettorio Felix at St. Cuthbert’s Centre,  Missionary of Charity and voluntaring in Hospitals-NHS, as a means of achieving spiritual, psychological and emotional fulfilment.

We offer:

• Study of the Fundamental Principles of Spiritism

• Knowledge of the Natural Laws of Cause and Effect

• Knowledge and Understanding of the Process of: Life & Death → Reincarnation

• Self knowledge

• Spiritual Healing

• Spiritist Counselling

• Social/Community Assistance


We welcome:

All people from different nationalities, beliefs, race and social standards who are seeking spiritual, psychological an emotional help, through studying the Natural Laws presented by Spiritism, and who wish to receive the blessings of collective prayers.


The Creighton Centre
378 Lillie Road

Email: spiritistpsychologicalsoc@gmail.com

Phone: 07784 840671


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